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– Magdalena –

Stephanie’s first single, Magdalena, is available as a free download.
The song takes us on a journey inspired by how a compassionate encounter with
one’s vulnerability can lead to cathartic insights and greater sensitivity.
The song uses an « Om » recording, signature sound and courtesy of Sacred Accoustics.
(Please note that Sacred Accoustics recommends listening while NOT driving or operating machinery.
The recording includes binaural beats, monoral beats and other sound patterns. Visit Sacred Accoustics for more information)

Stephanie is a Corsican dj, music producer and host at radiolao,
a podcast series she created to share personal and guest’s favourite music and words.
After living in Paris for a period of over 10 years and being one of the city’s well appreciated Djs,
she started creating her own music at age 30.
The roots of her music are deeply entrenched in
the lands of Pop, House and Ambient music,
and she believes they all serve a profound desire
to express human feelings.
Stephanie is currently based in Corsica again,
a fascinating and dramatic island.
It is no surprise that sometimes her songs
invite listeners to follow her sounds along rugged terrains,
float on gentle streams, or find refuge in the arms of the forest.